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Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew it. -Mark Twain

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And that was before they took the word "nigger" out of his books

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It's the same tactics everytime and is the same as the Bolchevics. You get a couple vocal minorities to complain about something. Normal, empathetic people don't want trouble and try to appease by giving an inch. This creates an eventual landslide and suddenly your group/ culture / activity is infested and everyone now has to bend to the "new rules". The only way to prevent it is to resist upfront and throw the faggot dissenters out.

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Soyno's American divisions in film and gaming are rife with jews. Naughty Zog is under the control of an Israeli who probably spearheaded this new censorship to combat "toxic white males".

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"I dont want to hear a 30 year old white chick with blue hair, 5 cats and a degree in gender studies opinion on anime and video games. It wasnt made for you! "

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M = For Good Goyim Only

Just pirate those games, and make sure to let devs and publishers know that censorship and faggotry within industry have been deciding factors.

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The hilarious part is that the publisher will look at that person who pirated the game because of censorship, and assume that they lost a sale because of piracy. If you pirate a game in protest because of censorship, the publisher isn't going to see it that way. They'll think piracy lost them a sale.

Games get censored for two reasons

  1. Political activists pushing their politics
  2. Businessmen thinking they can make the game more appealing to a wider audience

Best thing to do is make it known what changed, why it bothers you, and make it clear you used to be a paying customer and you won't be one any longer because of the changes.

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Best thing to do is make it known what changed, why it bothers you, and make it clear you used to be a paying customer and you won't be one any longer because of the changes.

That no longer works in clownworld, unfortunately.

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...that's what I said, only in two short sentences as opposed to half a dozen.

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I love how this is always the solution given "pirate it" because god forbid you have to do without a luxury good to stand on your morals.

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This will go both ways. I see people here also complaining porn is bad. Creating pC games appears to be creating a demand for the opposite... Eventually someone will capitalize on this.

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It's gonna take a VERY long while for that to happen. With Steam banning non-gay VN's and anime titles left and right and anything on Sony being scrubbed squeaky clean your only left with Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft seems to be neither overly censoring stuff but not picking up controversial games either. And Nintendo funnily enough seems to have the biggest balls in that japanese titles they pick up aren't censored almost at all.

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That's the point. Demoralization

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I'm also very tired of the SJW faggotification of movies and knowledge. Nowadays, most high rated movies on IMDB are pro-SJWs or pro-(sand)niggers. We need to review most games and movies to talk about how much degenerate kike propaganda is in them. If none, then those movies should get a special mention. Even better, we should only talk about non-kiked movies and games.

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Sooner or later you all have to face the reality of the jews. The biggest obstacle to secure a future for human art is to destroy the jewish copyright scheme by any means necessary.

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