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That’s a female dev’s face for sure. Could be worse. Mass Effect Andromeda faces were fucking nauseating.

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so was DA:I its like they push you to go gay

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both this infamous screenshot and the one from the op thumbnail have that “insufferable feminist” smirk.

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Bioware is cancer, go look at dragon age inquisition too, they made them all ugly too.

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Is it possible to see that picture, without the first lines of Smash Mouth's "All Star" going through one's head?

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Exactly the same thing happened to me when I clicked it.


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alex jones is gonna buy then

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That's a dude baby.

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It looks like they want to shift female's "beauty standards" to include trannies.

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Correct you are. A lot of new kids shows have shied away from showing animal characters or human characters and instead show butch or ambiguous sex characters.
... also, look at this faggot or dyke principal character in the upcoming terminator 6 movie thats gonna bomb real bad https://screenrant.com/terminator-6-images-cyborg-hero-mackenzie-davis/

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It's this generation's 'gray and brown realism.'

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It was fun while it lasted Mai Shiranui and Kasumi. I'll always have fond memories of the jiggle physics.

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The franchise still has it, despite trying hard to go the other way. To the point that it got kicked off the EVO Japan stream this year, because two japanese models were joking about jiggle physics. Because jiggle was against the "core values" of the americans, especially compared to the new Mortal Kombat gore.

EDIT: Was going off the jiggle shown in all the videos online. Franchise is apparently still getting the Sony censorship. https://archive.fo/MUr9h

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What started as a reaction to every game having beautiful and revealing women has now been inversed to beauty = sexism so every cunt now has to ooze more testosterone than the wimps making the game.

Putting the politics aside for a moment. If the previous trend was because sex sells thus including sexy women in everything would sell more games. Now it's sex = outrage which leads to bad PR and media shit storm which could theoretically reduce sales. Even if your dev team isn't filled with ideologues and you actually want to put attractive women in your game the risk in this political climate is too high.

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the foundation for feminism was always resentment, they're just being more open about it now.

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More specifically, man-hating.

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Sounds like there is a market for games with hot girls in them, they'll even give us free marketing

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Yes. Look at MK10 and MK11. Next question please.

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It’s (((them))). (((They))) are making games in the likeness of (((themselves))). Look at the nose on that thing in the picture. Look at the shape of the mouth (yes, that’s a feature of (((their))) looks. That’s what it is. It’s one of (((them))).

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yes this is because of diversity. female devs and "gamergirls".

females are super competitive when it comes to looks, they need to be the hottest in the room to attract the best potential mate.

when they play as a hot female character they do not enjoy it, they feel threatened. when they play as a 5/10 they think they are hotter than them and can relax.

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