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Got a link to the report, rather than a video of someone talking about the report? I'd rather read things myself and save time.

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shitty entertainment means EA will go down soon. i can't wait until EA is fucked for good.

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Seriously, how long will EA last?

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When they die the fans can use the corpse to build their own games.

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It makes it all the more satisfying to not play or purchase any of their products.

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Lol how can a company be so fucking dumb oh I know diversity.

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Mommy, mommy, they're picking on me!

You tell them our shrink says it's bad for my self esteem to be criticized.

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Well, they did end the R2BFV servers in BF1. Now there is a Buy Now/Continue screen every time I log-on trying to sell BFV with some gay missions and such, but that is all. Remember when the intention of electronic game companies was to give game-players what they want instead of what we have now???

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Audio cuts out at 10:16