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That's fucked up. Until now, in every game, which player is gay was determined at the end of the round by the score.

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I was always told it was whomever was teabagged on last that was the gay one. Not gay to teabag, only to be the cup.

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So do you like your teabagging black or with a drop of cream?

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Haha, touche.

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It's satire, presumably from this article. Still faggy of the mods to nuke it though.

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The game is actually full of gay shit though and the only white male is toxic.

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Bloodhound is a Nordic male, as confirmed by the guy that designed him during an interview. Also, isn't mirage white?

EDIT: Holy shit they went back edited the post to the character is "non-binary". Whatever the fuck that means.

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Bro, Caustic (the only white heteronormative male) is awesome.

His entire playstyle revolves around luring people he doesn't like into confined areas and gassing them.

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Bloodhound is a white male, isn't he?

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Everyone who plays this is a fucking faggot.

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It clearly says only ONE of the characters was gay during the match, not all of them!

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technically speaking, its only outing one person per match. what it neglects to mention is that they were all gay, the whole time.

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You got me there!

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Anyone who gives a fuck what game you play because of faggots, is a faggot.

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Lol I watched this shit on stream and saw no White male characters. The main soldier Rambo class was some ugly negress with a Duke Nukem haircut. I stopped watching when I realized.

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Yep the first thing noticed about this SJW game was all the niggers in it. No thanks (((EA))), you can shove that crap to the normie's out there but I refuse to see niggers every where I look

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There is a white male who believes in using gas to eliminate anyone not like him. Quite a fun game if you play by your own rules - he's back and he has one final shot a solution. End them all.

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Spoiler alert, all the players are faggots.

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"there’s a hidden debugging feature where if you press Alt + F4 during a match it will call down a titan."

"There is only one bullet on each map. Ammunition is in short supply in Apex Legends, with only one bullet available to collect on every map at a time. Making it to The Bullet first is a great way to give your team an early advantage. If you don’t make it, learning the map will allow you to find the best places to hide out until the next bullet drop."

"You can only loot a chest if you’ve romanced it. Unlike other battle royale games which are a loot free for all, Apex Legends requires you to undertake a detailed dating simulator before a loot chest will open up to you. If you’re not having luck with any loot chests, you might want to try being patient and genuinely showing interest rather than talking about yourself all the time"

"Wall-running has been replaced with floor-running. Titanfall was unique in that players were forced to wall-run everywhere. That sense of fluid movement has been carried over to this canonical sequel, but Respawn have cleverly turned the whole thing 90 degrees and made the walls into floors. This is a game-changer."

"You can’t pay to win, but you can pay to lose. The battle royale genre is rapidly becoming crowded, and one of the things that Apex Legends is cleverly doing to distinguish itself from the competition is a new ‘pay to lose’ microtransaction. Paying $2.99 instantly guarantees that you will lose the next match, which should satisfy players who were worried about unbalancing the game."

"You can revive your squad mates when they’re killed, but you shouldn’t. Your squadmates suck shit and are just dragging you down. If you want to win and get the award for Most Gay, you should ditch them."

Quality planned features.

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Yet in every round all players are niggers.

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I didn't buy a color TV to watch niggers on it!

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We automatically know which Overwatch players are gay. They play Hanzo.

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That may be, but Mercy herself is an Aryan goddess.

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It's a well known fact that 60% of Mercy mains are HIV positive.

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