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Great, another shitty BR. They have this already, Realm Royal.

It will be awhile before we see a new concept. They are still beating this dead horse it seems.

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God I hate BR, most of the time your in the lobby waiting to play. Then go time, then death. Back to lobby. So much time wasted waiting to play.

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Doesn't particularly look that good, doesn't seem that awful either. Probably going to be at best a niche title but the real story here is how more and more games seem to be heading exclusively to Epic.

I didn't think when the store was announced that they were going to go beyond Origin or Uplay level of threat to Steam, basically very limited selection of titles with them being available on Steam as well, but at the current rate of them acquiring more and more exclusive shit Epic has a serious chance of at least surpassing GoG and becoming a permanent competitor to Steam.

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Looking at the screenshots I see 4 hotbar slots meaning it is designed for a controller not a keyboard., so expect it to move to PS or x-box at some point if you prefer that route to Epic store.