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Great game! Fun work out.

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It seems fun to try but not going to spend the money on a whole VR setup to play it. Invite me over.

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This is my issue lots of fun things but things I don't expect to play past 10 hours or having friends try. Still waiting on a solid library of real games that I can sink my teeth into. Skyrim, Fallout 4, Elite Dangerous are the big ones I see, but my concerns are the first two I mod and haven't played vanilla in quite a while I expect some of core things I'm accustomed to will be found missing. Elite seems like it would be better with more keybinds then the motions controllers have.

If any know of other full feature games feel free to share.

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Fallout New Vegas is awesome.

Hearts of Iron IV is grand strategy, you can restore the Reich many times over. It's fun.

Squad is a realism based military shooter. You don't use teamwork? Fuck your life. Use teamwork? Prepare to feel like a fucking Special Operations squad.

Those are a few games, off the top of my head.

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It's damn good. Expert+ is quite challenging, to the point where tracking issues can be present if your setup and lighting fails sufficing.

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Are you an attractive woman? If so show us a video of you playing.