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Nothing short of a full insolvency will satisfy me based on what they have become.

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It began as early as Starcraft: Broodwar.

Compromised sellouts. Tip of a monstrous iceberg.

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What was wrong with BW? Also D2 and LOD are among the best games ever made. Diablo 3 was where I felt Blizz went off the rails.

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I played Wow for nearly 10 years. Stopped a few years ago but was thinking about getting back into it. Then when I saw the trailers for the most recent expansion, I knew they had lost their damn mind.

This was right after they had made it so you could no longer play any of their current games on windows older than 7. Then they turned Starcraft 2 into a lootbox shitfest.

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I feel bad for those losing their jobs, but, they're better off getting out of there anyway.

Seriously, everyone needs to walk away from them, customers and employees alike.

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You feel bad?

I'm celebrating SJWs losing their jobs. Heck, I'd rather see them burning in ISIS cages than voting for democrats.

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That's because you are a psychopath. Revelling in the suffering of others, even people that you perceive to be your "enemies", makes you a callous and vindictive person.

Also, do you think every single person who works for Blizzard wants it to be an SJW shithole? They got bought out, now everything is cheap cash grabs and loot boxes. "Get a new job then" you'll say. That may be a option for some neckbeard living in their mom's basement, but not for a father of 2 with one kid in college and the other about to graduate high school.

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Good thing they got those stock buybacks in

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This isn't a massive shock especially with the decisions that have been made recently

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I miss good Blizzard games, ever since that Activision merger they've all been shit.

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I think the last money I gave them was for Warcraft 3.