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40gb of anti-white extermination guilt propoganda.

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Not interested in more diversity crap in my games. I was furious at the absurdity of making basically the literally most white state in the country (where there are effectively 0% black people) be just rife with black people everywhere you looked. Native Americans, in reality, vastly outnumber blacks in that state, and yet there were almost none in the game as they were too busy putting black people everywhere.

They tried to use the excuse that cult members came from elsewhere, but tons of the actual normal townspeople were black as well. Now aside from the black female sniper, the black priest, etc... now we're having the two main villains as black women.

Not buying this garbage, and thus far the Far Cry franchise had been my most played games, as I own all of them.

I'm dumping this crap and focusing on Kingdom Come Deliverance. A fantastic game that refused to bow down to SJW demands and instead created a tremendously immersive and beautiful early 15th century eastern European world based on real towns that still exist and real historical events.

F*** Far Cry.

Long Live Henry!

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That franchise has waddled around (like others). Shame. I would have taken it to the stars.

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Manipulation at it's best. First you see the back of the heads of the Two Blond twin women are the main characters! But wait, in the next pic shows they are in fact Black women! You racists thought that only White women have blond hair! Shame on you.

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In this day and age download size is becoming less of an issue, HDDs are cheaper and bigger with internet speeds soaring for most. I does raise the query about what the next gen set of games will weigh in at