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Man this really pulled the 😭 out! Be prepared.

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Sad. Nice that he had a close online community. For the Alliance!

[–] cbt 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Wow, I wasn't ready for that. Good read

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RIP Ibelin Redmoore

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He was a PARASITE. Do NOT be anything other than GRATEFUL he FOUND this WITHOUT COSTING everyone ELSE. I ahve NO objection to parasites (no fault of their own) as long as they don't pretend EVERYONE OWE'S them ANYTHING.

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He was disabled you raging faggot, was a normal kid at one point - the fuck are you sperging out about? Take your Abilify™

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So? WHY is he disabled? WHY can't I spend ALL of my time PLAYING?