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That's not how it works, but I'm always happy when EA gets bad rap, even if it's a result of people not understanding stock market or economics in general.

Fuck EA, I wish them the worst luck.

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Yeah, much as I hate EA, the stock movement has little to do with their game quality. Companies often rise on bad news and drop on good news because there's a lot of irrationality in the market. EA is currently $80, 11% down from basically sitting around $90 for most of January. It had larger sharp drops in late August (13%) and late July (18%), and that's just this year.

Marketing, cost cutting, financial engineering and other trickery can easily make up for a poor quality game. Tons of companies have benefited from going "woke" as not. Countless companies have released amazing games and folded.

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Not really. You can use creative accounting to shuffle losses from a poor-selling game or even two. But if people aren't buying your games you're going to fold.

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It has been known since around 2006 that EA is one of the worst companies (for a white male) to work for. So there's that.

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I looked up EA stock prices. The present fall has been happening since July, 2018 when they released the earnings report for first quarter, 2018. So that looks like the result of poor sales of Mass Effect Andromeda. Since then they've continues to release garbage and their stock has continued to fall.

Mass Effect Andromeda was a terrible game and EA learned from consumer rejection of the game. But their practices at that point were so bad in so many ways they were already in a tailspin. They changed, but not nearly enough. If EA goes all the way back to fundamentals they can still salvage the company. They need to find out what is desired by the people who rejected ME:A, Battlefield 5, and who will reject the upcoming Anthem. They need to stop listening to games journalists and start listening to gamers. If they do they they can still come out of this and do it with a massive hit. Not now, but around the end of 2019.

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Tim is usually on the hyperbolic side

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How long is it going to be before some investors in these companies (e.g. pension funds and hedge funds) get together and sue the board and executives of these companies for using their investment to push their ideological agenda. As publicly traded companies, the board and executives have fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the share holders, they are legally bound to pursue profits. If an investor or group of investors could gather enough evidence that the actions of the board/executives (or inaction in not immediately firing the people in the company pushing this ideological bullshit) were likely to cause financial damage to the shareholders, they may have a case to seek damages and/or have the board/executives barred from holding such positions.

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You kidding? The investors want these agendas.

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Along with kidding thinking regular retail stockholders can do shit in 99% of situations. They can't. They get fucked as hard as anyone.

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It's all controlled by the Banksters. Hedge funds have nothing to do with it, and Institutional "investors" such as pension funds are managed by people who are controlled by the banks. Basically there is very little private ownership in equities any more, and around 5000 people control 90% of businesses on the planet. So they care more about their agenda than on turning a profit. They already have all the wealth, they just need to find ways to keep it.

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The goal is to collapse businesses from within.

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It's not a goal per se. It's just that the people working on it care more about pushing diversity than about making money for the business, and the collapse of the business is a side effect.

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I sm sure that EA thought all the young gamers want purple haired trannies with robot arms in all their WW2 re-enactment games.

For 2019 : More games with gay male kissing scenes and mixed race gay male couples cuddling. Go EA !

Whats wrong with letting women take over the creative departments? HAH!

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Anthem will be the death of Bioware and that makes me sad.

Andrew Wilson is such a piece of shit, I hope he dies soon.

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EA is anti games, anti fun, and unfair.

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Battlefront microtransactions so egregious it crashed 90% of all assets last year

Cause and effect, faggots. Learn how it works. This is pigeon superstition bullshit.

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Getting half their games banned because its gambling might have had something to do with it. (Loot boxes now actually illegal in several countries)

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