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Oh wow, another leftist who is into fucking little kids. Gee...what a surprise.

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No normal, sane or morally upright man would ever be a feminist.

If you know a man who claims to be a feminist, it is pretty much a guarantee that he is sick in the head. Either he wants to sodomize your son, sodomize you, or do some other nasty shit to you.

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Or he is into fat chicks

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A man is innocent until proven guilty.

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Not entirely sure that's a man. Entirely sure it's not innocent.

Entirely sure the prosecution will be required to provide compelling evidence.

Not entirely sure justice will be served, once the defense is done jewing it.

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OJ confirmed innocent. Or we can have an opinion since this isn’t criminal court.

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Maybe a good time to place bets on the future verdict?

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Sure. Why don't you start refuting the claims they're guilty then.

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Innocent. Until. Proven. Guilty. Always, but especially when heinous charges are involved. The defense doesn't have to prove a thing.

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One of the few times Patton Oswalt was entirely right.

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We need to bring back the draft.

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You think any of these marshmallow faggots would hack it for 2 months in the military?

Imagine that faggot Asian boy with the colored hair arriving on Parris Island.

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Man, no wonder Tribes ascend went down the toilet.

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Lol wtf is with this company this would be the second employee arrested for pedo tendencies. The guy that voiced thanatos and agni in smite was also arrested for possessing child porn maybe they should vet their employees more.

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These companies are full of leftists. Leftist are pushing for pedophilia "acceptance" for a reason; many of them are pedophiles.

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I'm in the HiRez discord server and they are disavowing it heavily and not defending him, his associates are indicating they probably saw this coming

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Wait... if they are openly admitting they saw this coming does that mean they have evidence of him and his sick behavior previously but chose to not confront the authorities about it?!

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that's the implication i got

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"Raheem Lalani, W/M" yeah I'm sure he's "white"

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Did you look at the mugshots?

3 whites out of 21 perps.

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Is that an Irish name or Scandinavian?

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