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You should either buy the game or not play it.

I was in the same boat w/ Subnautica. I didn't like their anti-gun rhetoric, firing the sound guy over SJW bullshit, or capitulating to whiners by making the DLC character female even though the game is in first person and it doesn't matter.

I ended up getting the game on sale and I loved it. No guns actually made the world more threatening and interesting. Game felt tight and held my attention and I ended up beating it. I will probably pay for the DLC, though I will wait for it to go on sale.

TL;DR Either pay for games or don't play them at all. Using a creators political leanings to justify your theft makes you a hypocrite. If you arem't willing to pay for a product because of the creator, you shouldn't be willing to play it either.


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We definitely need to steal from liberals.

Political leanings is everything, that alone is enough justification to give libtards helicopter rides or sending them to torture camps.

Our job is to sabotage liberals and make every left-leaning faggot's life as miserable as possible. If we figure out a way to infect all liberals with ebola then we should do it definitely.