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in no other game can you capture a raider, replace both his legs with peg-legs, steal his liver, lung, kidney and heart, and then turn him into human leather and meat, all of which you sell to buy bionic limbs and super-weapons

10/10 would harvest organs again.

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Sounds like Dwarf Fortress.

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directly inspired by that actually

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DF has eaten so many hours of my evenings...

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I am not a gamer but the title leads me to believe this game is about a whole lot of butthole licking

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depends on how many colonists you bring along with the "gay" trait. i usually dont, nor do i bring along niggers

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The fags can make good sofas

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I pirated it. Its fun, I do like it. I just get bored after a while.

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It looks boring to me

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You just summarized the game perfectly.

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I enjoyed the 'lower' difficulty, i.e. peaceful setting. Why?
Well, there were just a lot of annoying little things, when on the more active difficulties. Like stuff breaking down, so that no matter how many electrical components you have a stack of, within one year, you are scrounging around 'em, and have cleaned the map out, and are now at the mercy of a random trader to stop by and have some with him.

Or raiders destroying one turret, but otherwise posing no threat, every time, but again, you run out of electrical components.

Or autodoors breaking down, so you either don't use 'em (this) or you run out of electrical components.

Or random animal attacks, and one of your top growers or crafters is cut down, because they ran away from a rabbit or rat, instead of defending themselves. Ultimately I decided to play on Peaceful or something, and occasionally ramp it up, if I felt security was at 100%. Running multiple colonies, with about 10-12 colonists total, seemed the most fun. Then you have people with every specialty, and just have to move them around once a season or year, to let them help out with construction, mining, growing, cleaning, or even just because they don't get along with someone else!

It is a fun game, but for me, I play it to relax. If I wanted excitement, I would play something else, Witcher III or Elite.

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It's a war crime simulator with mod support. Awesome game.

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I'll have to give it another try. It's one of those games that I can see the appeal and potential but never really "clicked " with me.

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I'm waiting on a sale personally. I've played and enjoyed Dwarf Fortress despite the terrible UI, so I expect that Space Dwarf Fortress with a far better UI should be pretty damn fun.

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in the meantime i reccommend trying out cataclysm: dark days ahead. free open source game in the same vein as dwarf fortress and rimworld. seth sells it way better than me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyoj4-niEPc

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Pretty sure Rimworld has never been on sale.

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Rimworld didn't click with me either. Even though I love dwarf fortress and it's almost like dwarf fortress with graphics.

In dwarf fortress every death I felt responsible for. I also felt good for every comeback I achieved after a setback.

In Rimworld most deaths feel cheap because the storyteller decided I was doing too well or was in a bad mood. And every comeback feels cheap because if the storyteller thinks you are doing too badly you get a bunch of free stuff and new people. You have to learn to play around the storyteller to get better. Trick it into believing that you do worse than you actually are.

Dwarf fortress feels a lot less artificial. In DF enemies are not created out of thin air but instead the entire world is simulated and can be permanently changed.

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Peaceful (something like that) is not bad. I guess you just gain new members more slowly, so you have to either convert a raider, or kidnap a useful friendly trader (which sets back relations with that tribe).

One time I had a save where my colony of 10 people and 20 some animals would go to shit, over and over, despite having a huge compound, with reserves of everything imaginable, wood, chemfuel, food up the wazoo, someone assigned to making meals, sculptures, carpets, clothes, tonnes of tiles ready to use. And it took me a while to figure out, OK, this colony is going to go to shit and descend into total madness if I don't change something immediately.

What was it? Had to assign someone to CLEANING. The animals and all the people were tracking dirt in everywhere, to the point where no where was 'beautiful' and people were losing their minds, then they would dig up a corpse, put it on the kitchen table and more people would lose their minds! Next thing you know no food is being grown, and 3 or 4 people are dead, and the base is a total mess.

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rimworld also requires you to click to do literally anything, dwarf fortress lets you play with keyboard only.

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Randy Random Storyteller! He's still keyed into the size of your colony (so won't sent a raid of 200 people on day 2), but he doesn't care how well you're doing or not

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Fun game. I made an ethnostate of all whites.

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My cult is called "It's OK to be White"

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It's a lot of fun!

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https://archive.ph/DnClx :

RimWorld is the highest player-rated game of 2018 on Steam | PCGamesN

'Sylvester thanked all the fans who left reviews for RimWorld, and said he hopes to keep serving them well. '

'It’s also, it seems, the highest-rated game of 2018 on Steam. '

'If you’re unfamiliar with RimWorld, it’s a game about shepherding a group of planetary colonists who have crash landed on an alien world. '

'The site looks at player reviews on Steam and works out a score, and RimWorld is at the top of the pack for 2018 releases with a 98% positive rating. '

'RimWorld, mercifully, is quite a bit more accessible than its predecessor, and its easy moddability doesn’t hurt either. '

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