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Just some narcissistic greedy mentally unstable attention-seeking scumbags. Ricegum is a fucking literal contemptible viet fucker who deserve to have a pole sticked into his ass by a vietnamese gang, while jake paul is straight up crazy who shouldn't be out of the mental ward.

Like seriously, youtube is full of annoying fuckfaces like Ninja, Logan Paul, etc and of course the two faggots mentioned by OP who would be punched by their peers irl if they didn't live in the digital era. In fact these piece of shit goyim are so contemptible it made jewish youtuber like Ethan or Mark look like decent guys in comparison.

The females aren't better either, full of thots, sluts, psychopaths and/or attention seeking whores.

I am glad that humble and down to earth youtuber like Pewdiepie exist. Like one of the few good guy making a living in a platform full of dickwads.

I really don't like how the digital era platform like youtube and tiktok are rewarding narcissistic manipulative people with various personality disorders. The normal average joe who keep his head down 9 to 5 deserves more money than these cocky lunatics. The western society as a whole aren't doing enough in putting arrogant fuckers down while rewarding humble and honest decent people.