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Oh boy, another client to install along side your ultimate collection of DRM clients! If only there were some way to install and run games without being granted access from a middle man like some kind of bitch.

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Well more competion is better.

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In theory.... but considering that Epic's store doesn't have forums ( because of devs feefees ) or a review and rating system for pretty much the same reason I don't see this competition as either particularly useful or healthy.

They are actually more regressive compared to Valve's Steam.

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Not really. Just means more bloatware, more DRM, and less non exclusive titles for the consumer

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its ubi soft so now you would install epic game client then have to install ubisoft client as well to play it.

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More money in publisher or consumer hands is better than money in the hands of a retailer. I hope the competition between steam & epic also ends up driving video game prices down

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Steam sales show that even with no competition prices can hit retarded lows.

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Yea, and now they’ll be pushed lower

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