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Gearbox CEO Accused of Taking Alleged Secret $12 Million Bonus in Massive Lawsuit - IGN

'As reported by Kotaku, the legal battle was sparked when Gearbox sued its former counsel, Wade Callender, for "fraud and breach of fiduciary duty."', "Callendar's lawsuit claimed Pitchford and he were longtime friends, but the relationship began to deteriorate over the past couple of year."

'Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, and a former general counsel for the game studio are in a legal battle in which the counsel accuses Pitchford of allegedly receiving "a secret $12 million bonus from publisher Take-Two Interactive as an advance against Borderlands profits."'

'According to the lawsuit, Gearbox alleged that Callendar, who worked at the company from 2010 until 2018, borrowed money and destroyed evidence for a home loan, borrowed money for tuition, and paid back neither in full. '

'Callendar claims Pitchford left a USB drive in a Dallas, Texas restaurant that contained sensitive corporate documents for Gearbox and many partners including Sony and Microsoft. '

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It is common knowledge that Randy Pitchford is a gigantic piece of shit. Not surprised.

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