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On Twitch you can filter streamers by game, probably YouTube also. Do that for games similar to what you are wanting to market. Pull a hundred or so from the list. Then go find the charts to see how well each streamer you find is watched.

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You should start by telling us what you want to show them.

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a design of educational simulation, that contains many walking sim elements, has a trippy type of atmosphere, and covers a culture with many occult elements. i say its educational, but those are never 100% for that, of course. teaches people about the Norse world as they saw it, by simply creating it in its entirety

think of it like a massive, intricate, living, breathing museum exhibit with none of the design or budget restrictions of reality. it's also free forever.

perfect material for the walking sim crowd

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You ever play LSD on ps1?

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I think you are just going to have to get ready to watch some streams and see if the people are right for your game.

Idk how many different people yiu want playing this, but I'm assuming more than one?

Just go to really popular channels, or channels that look like people are regular watchers. You can always send a messege and then see if they are interested?

If I was a streamer I would go outside of my genre and demo anything really, just to be able to try something new!