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They should port the Persona series. Instant sell for japanese players.

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Doubtful because I heard Sony paid money to Persona development to keep is Sony/Playstation exclusives.

Nintendo didn't even get a piece of it, just a bunch of persona spinoffs or other SMT games for the Nintendo consoles.

What Atlus needs to do is to make a new game like Persona but without the name, which is Sony exclusive, and make it without Sony money. Unlikely because single player games aren't really profitable. Their silly phone game probably already made more money than the whole Persona series while requiring far less development resources, if not, certainly in the future.

For the good of the gaming industry, UN should just ban gambling in video games, so no more loot boxes/gacha or whatever chance based bullshit.

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It's both japanese and was released some time ago before all this Politically Correct shit really started hitting the industry.

As for them releasing and or porting more stuff to PC aka Steam I wouldn't hold my breath. Not only is the newer version Catherine: Full Body a PS4 exclusive you also have Steam that went back on their word about taste policing and have been on a banning spree for a few months now.

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Well, soyny has been on a censorship spree too as of last year, pretty much ever since they opened up a headquarters in commiefornia. Ironically the nintendo switch of all devices has been leaving more games untouched compared to sony. If sega is smart they'll port Catherine: Full Body Edition to the switch. It'd be a great platform for the game too. Short-ish puzzle stages that you can knock out on the go.

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Well fuck, I guess there's no other way but to purge the earth of "progressives."

Seriously sick of liberal SJWs, I would have no complaint if a virus wiped them all out.

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Being called "sexist" is like getting a seal of quality these days.

Ha, yeah--I'm honestly far more mad they are going after the Japs (I mean you expect them to kick around the silicon valley fags, and europeans: it really ties the hands of good game makers, and makes everything feel like it is worse but, has some dictator's Anti-thought Crime seal of approval; the Japanese are probably really confused. When you censor the art of a good artist: you get shitty art.

Stop impossing your culture on the Far East--so you can appropriate that culture, but to your own taste.

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Western progressive culture is the shittiest culture on earth. A very silly (and only) culture that discriminates against straight males.

Even worse than sand culture, subsaharan culture, or whatever else.

See, third world countries, while being shit holes, are improving everyday. Meanwhile, radical feminist controlled countries are going downhill fast. Hating patriarchy is the recipe for disaster.

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Codex already cracked it

i'm not paying for a nearly a decade old port WHICH I ALREADY BOUGHT ON PS3

but what about the "full body edition" is it gonna be DLC or another Soyny exclusive?

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Yea its no denuvo.

I guess they think it's not worth the denuvo because it's a port of a rather old game.

I didn't buy the game either because i really don't like puzzle platformers, but still, it's a good game by default because it triggers progressives. I don't even know why but seeing SJW progtards reee always made my day.

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not my type of game either but i wonder if they can bring some of their ps2 era catalog to steam and i'm not talking about the megaten series only and i'm thinking of other games ...


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Not worth the effort.

Unlikely for much profit because PS2 emulator is pretty much perfect already.