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im glad the japanese don't give a shit about the leftists here. reference: im japanese.

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You rock. Keep Japan for Japanese people, maybe a few East Asians. Don't let Pakis, Arabs or Africans in.

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Jews are the bigger threat.

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There's niggers in Japan.

In fact niggers like Chris Hart or Jero can become pro singers and nigress like Naomi Osaka can represent Japan in sports competition.

Honestly 50 years from now there's just gonna be more nigs in Japan.

Fortunately for Japan, it is a society first, not individual first like in the west, and therefore nigs who are born there will be indoctrinated with japanese culture and values instead of the violent hood values like what you see in the US. Especially if it's a mutt, their relatively higher IQ and EQ will allow them to function productively and less a threat to society, something like Steph Curry.

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oh come on! they need a few baka gaijin here and there ;)

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Does japan have the same moral problem as china ?

In general. The Chinese culture has grown out of famine. They take with out giving. They don't plan for tomorrow, for it may never come. They are scared of helping others for fear of being warped up in a scam. If the Chinese pick pocket they stay quite. If a Chinese man tries to seek justice against the big factory for poisoning his garden, he will be arrested as the factory has bought out the government.

China is corrupt and morally bankrupt. you can see this in how they treat animals and even their kids.

My question. Do Japaneses people care about each other ?

Can Japaneses people stand up against bid businesses. Does japan have morals ?

I want to move to japan. japan's future seems better than the UK's

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From what I've gathered it seems Japan is polite but impersonal. You won't find a Japanese thief very easily, but their system is still very much Asian and the people work themselves to death.

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Nearly nothing I hear says the Chinese have decent morals. I guess just a few are murderous monsters, but the running over children and everything is only exclusive to them. On the other hand I hear great things about Japanese people, like how they cleaned everything up in the world cup even they lost iirc. Sometimes when I think I’m being racist to China I remind myself I adore Japanese people for how awesome they are, and think maybe its just how horrible some Chinese people are.

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I want to move to japan. japan's future seems better than the UK's

That's quite a selfish act. You're betraying your own country to live as an outsider in another. Understand you will be imposing on the people of your host nation.

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I guess all the brave brits who were worth a damn died in Flanders fields. I will wear a red poppy to remember them this memorial day.

To be frank: Japan is a different flavor of nightmare. You think you have it bad? Japan is a country where you will get fired from a desk job if you get into a car accident.

Japan is a country that has it so bad, that they had to create new levels of escapeism to deal with the soul crushing reality.

Weeaboos see the vidya games and the anime and think it is a great place. The reality is that it is such a soul crushing place that they would commit suicide if they did not have the wifus and the vidya. Many do. It is a place so horrible that they have high level neets that never leave their rooms and just abandon reality.

They have some things going for them: Extreme racism and Eugenics. If you have autism or other health issues in your family, you will NOT get married. People ghost out of relationships over that stuff.

The only true paradise on this world was the west, which the eurocucks and kikes are destroying.

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may the heavens bless the Japanese home islands

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Well a ching chong nip nong my good fellow, I hope your nation and country will remain ethnically pure and prosperous.

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They are gonna lose their shit when the false accuser gets punished

Spoilers below

Nice post, thank for putting in the work.

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It's great.

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The accuser actually getting punished?

Wow, this IS an Isekai

That sort of thing NEVER happens irl

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Even if this series sucks, I'm gonna watch at least a few episodes. If for nothing else than knowing it's causing so much seething, impotent, soy-filled, white-knight, beta-cuck rage simply for existing, while it causes brain-dead harpies to lose their feeble minds because it dares cast wahmen in anything other than a 100% positive light while putting them on the highest of pedestals for kind gentlesirs to heap praise upon them and their vaginas (that the gentlesirs will never see).

If a simple tv show that nobody is forced to watch can cause this much outrage among NPCs, then it merits checking out.

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the first ep was actually kinda cool. I'm expecting the shield to be an interesting mechanic if it's abused nicely.

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the novel and the manga are worth reading

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it's decent revenge porn where a guy dicked over by fate succeeds through hard work and ingenuity and gets racoon waifu and chocobo loli if sjw are mad now just wait for their reaction to end of story arc lol

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I watched the first episode and enjoyed it. I read a little of the manga, and the story really is pretty interesting.

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The first and most important thing worth mentioning is that false rape accusations of this nature aren’t really a thing.

Anime normally leans heavily toward fiction. Presumably, viewers who watch anime are under the pretense that it's just entertainment.

The above quoted comment aims to discredit the plot of this show by illustrating how he believes that rape accusations are always fiction.

If the commenter is under the belief that anime is fiction, why did he feel the need to comment and say that false rape accusations aren't a thing? It's all fiction to him anyway.

If you notice, this person is actually revealing their hand. In reality, he truly knows that people do get falsely accused of rape, but the SJW programming over rides his public opinion.

The reason I know is because fantasy anime doesn't need to be refuted unless it is actually the truth. He knows it's real.

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only certain types, primarily mecha. the rest has a tendency to use fantasy elements to subtly criticize the shortcomings of japanese society.

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Based nips give no fucks

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Japan is pretty based. Japan doesn't give a shit.

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waman are children pretending to be adults

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A woman is basically a child that can give birth.

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This belongs to anime subverse.

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I don't understand why this is in /v/gaming. People don't even try anymore.

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Well, Askvoat subserse doesn't have questions and pics subverse often has political comics.

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Because gamergate was where all this shit came to a head first.

I credit jack Thompson for inoculation of gamers against sjw pieces of shit in the 1990s when he tried to pin violence on video games.

Gamers understood then that they were going to be used as a political football.

This contagion has successfully subverted many hobbies, but gamers carry the torch of freedom for everyone.

Even anime fucktards.

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Yeah, it would, but v/anime is a hidden sub, pretty much nobody would have seen this there. That sub needs a new mod who should only make the sub visible on v/all/new again

Edit: but at least the anime in question is Gaming world anime, so it sorta fits on this sub too.

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