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Might I introduce you to LOVE?

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Right? Don't hate on indie games.

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The quality of graphics are not declining there are just more people making games in small teams or on their own so we have more games to choose from.

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AAA games have not really reduced in fidelity, what they have lost is their ability to engage the player in a meaningful context cause these days theyre just soapboxes that deranged people and their (((employers))) use to bend history, promote garbage behaviors and subjugate your brain

Meanwhile, independant developers have more ability than ever before to generate games and content but still dont have the skills, computational or manpower required to generate a high fidelity experience

But that doesnt matter, have you ever read a good book that doesnt have pictures? You find out real quick that your brain is excellent at generating its own imagery

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It really is fucked though. Devs used to push games to be as good as the hardware allowed it to be, we accepted that it played/looked wonky cause we all wanted games to be good and we knew they did their best. The future looked so bright. Modern AAA is just shit, minimal effort for maximum profit.

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If the AAA gaming industry crashes and burns, prepare to see a lot more of these shitty little Atari looking indie games in the future.

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The graphics engines and freeware projects like blender, can make movie quality CGI sequences. The indie scene will also improve because the bar will be getting set increasingly high. Add in AI type assistance and it can make weeks worth of effort into days.

Plus, when you got 50 people spouting ideas for the new incarnation of whatever, it's never going to end up new and imaginative as if you have a singular vision and at most people helping accomplish it.

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We really need FAR better tools for devs where a small team can have the quality of Frostbite engine games, and generate maps/environments/etc. with a few clicks of a button.

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Indeed. An AI program for example could scan the environment from a Google maps image, and 'guess' what the 3d architecture is supposed to be like, and the human pretty much 'touches' it up.

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At that point you wouldn't need devs anymore.

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I hate the too blocky games, I even didn't like the original doom that much but Duke Nukem kept me playing PC games. I myself think they games are trying to be to realistic and are sacrificing plot and gameplay for shiny. It reminds of when the first 3 D games came out they looked lame and cool but there was no actual content and were boring as hell. Then the N64 came out and it was amazing and now you can't tell like the old days which character to talk to or fight when they would make the NPC's that you were supposed to interact with a little different.

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Duke Nukem was based. I remember playing that in a data centre in the 90's with coworker. Deathmatch in s strip club. Oh how far we have fallen since then.

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Tripmines, teleporting rockets and the devastator were so much fun in deathmatch.

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Can't believe someone downvoted you.

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I just recently rediscovered Duke Nukem and that there was a version with a fourth campaign, that I didn't know about back in the days. Still holds up today.

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Really, I think I must find and play that game again and find that version.

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so you would like dwarf fortress nethack type games? When I was first playing video games on an Apple II and C64 this is what RPGs looked like. EPYX!!

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i love dwarf fortress

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People complain about how games should be more than just graphics, but also complain that too many games are using retro pixels instead of modern graphics. I don't think they're hypocrites, I think they're right on both counts. Modern graphics can be inexpensively good looking without requiring attention so as to distract from other areas of the game.

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There's a sweet spot around the 1990s of when graphics were good enough to have any kind of gameplay you could think of without making too much compromises. When the graphics get worse than that there's reason to complain, but graphics getting better doesn't do much in terms of gameplay. Good games of that time have really aged well, like Metroid III for SNES. Good games with "better" graphics, however, haven't.

I think there's a kind of yearning to return to that sweet spot, when gaming was really good.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was peak 2d games.

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Modern games cost more than cgi movies to make. Even a small game now would be 500k. The problem is the political Jew infested crap. Or it's mobile games that are mostly from China that are cash cows for loot boxes and microtransactions

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Indeed. It seems if a developer is to secure funding for their games, they need to at least include some sort of 'gay' agenda.

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And better yet, it has to be mobile, and have micro -tx.

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Sounds like we need better tools for devs to use that lower that cost then.

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Did someone say FLASH GAMES?


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It's too bad Adobe can't do security for shit; Flash might have survived if it weren't for their incompetence.

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I haven't got it yet, been installing another distro for fun last night.

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