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[–] DanijelStark 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Cucks that do not play STALKER games

Every single one of newer Ubisoft games is a shallow puddle for retards . The last good Far Cry wasnt 3 , but 2 . It was plagued by bugs and horrendous respawn , though . Everything else isnt worthy of mention .

Let these AAA+ supercuck faggot companies die off ... boycott them completely .


[–] OvenBakedGem ago 

Farcry 3 let you kill nignogs by the truckload tho, and the gameplay was kinda innovative for the time.


[–] DanijelStark ago 

It was okay-ish . But to me ... STALKER all the way . FC2 was good when I played it long ago - the whole setting was really good . I played FC1 even longer ago , and liked mutants .

Unfortunately , Far Cry has became a shallow puddle for me ... even compared with Fallout 4 . STALKER ( and mods for STALKER games ) are absolutely superior in all aspects . I dont even bother with FC franchise , and wont play anything that comes further from Ubisoft .

I had a good hearty laugh with FC3 : Blood Dragon though , really good spin-off .