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In terms of how it's made, it is a masterfully crafted game. I found myself sitting in the boat an extra 5 minutes just to hear the rest of the heads story. Speaking of that, the fact he would stop and pick up where he left off is something no open world game ever has an excuse to not do anymore and I thought it was impressive.

Best single player game I've gotten since, probably mgs4.

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Not really a compliment if youre comparing it to mgs4

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As a life-long gamer, I find it absolutely strange that the gaming industry has now all of a sudden become the Hollywood industry. Glamorous "Academy Awards" style events are now being portrayed in this industry, along with bringing their own identity politics into the matter, tribalism, and everything else that has absolutely NOTHING to do with gaming.

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The Game Awards are a joke. But it's a pity that it's a PS4 exclusive, it seemed fun as a cinematic experience.

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Just goes to show what a shit year it's been for gaming that this average-at-best game gets GOTY.

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It's that the one with the shitty Norse Gods? God of War 3 is the last cannon one.