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By the way, the drama surrounding Fallout 76 seems to be more entertaining than the game itself. I've already gotten dozens of hours of entertainment from the creation of this game and hearing the salt on YouTube and have paid Bethesda exactly $0 for it.

If you view the release of Fallout 76 as a piece of performance art rather than a game, it's incredibly thought-provoking and entertaining and might be one of the most successful artistic endeavors of all time.

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I think Bethesda leaked the data on purpose because they got called out on the short lived NylonGate so this was like a fuck you from Bethesda.

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tech error

Employing people that are average because they tick a diversity box is not an accident.

Die in a heap you dirty traps.

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Yes, it was a technical error, but knowing the way things work in companies, I doubt it was the developers' fault ultimately even if it was a developer's programming mistake that exposed the data.

Every bad decision was forced by management. Developers probably asked for months longer to deliver a more solid game but were forced to launch now to meet quarterly projections. The Developers probably put in superhuman 70+ hour work weeks for months in crunch time to somehow scrape past the finish line and made it. The managers toasted themselves on a successful job well done.

Every one of management's decisions then got proven to be shitty, and they're now cracking the whip on tired developers to fix everything yesterday. Their canvas bag bullshit blew up in their face, so they probably told the developers to create some kind of special support portal to deal with it. Tired developers who have been working non-stop probably running on fumes at this point might have said "Give us 4 days to put this support portal together properly and test it for security issues and debug any problems". Managers probably said "Ahhhh, the sky is falling. The YouTubes are saying bad things about us. We need it by the end of today, no excuses." and developers did their best to comply. Obviously there was a programming error, and maybe it's some shitty diversity hire Pajeet making an obvious mistake, but I'd bet the answer is that managers are running their team into the ground with continuous shitty decisions and the developers are the ones suffering for it.

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I do 72-80 hour weeks pretty much as standard and I have to keep going even when my machines are pissing hydraulic oil or some other nonsense and yet somehow I operate 8 tonne machinery well and don't fuck things up even after doing a 14 hour shift. These pussy faggots can suck on my balls. Sitting in front of a computer and they're tired. Fuck sake.