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The devs are retarded. Their ww2 flight models are still garbage. Their ranking is garbage. Because they don't have enough players they have mid war machines fighting post war machines. Now they want to introduces even newer machines so that the player base will be even more split.

Years ago I tried arguing with these fuckers. I provided tons of documentation to them, showed them how their FMs are crap and tried to reason with them, but to no avail. They do not listen to reason. All they care about is milking the player base until there's no one left.

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mid war machines fighting post war machines

This is why I quit. I got tired of fighting planes a tier or two higher than me, and when I'd finally start catching up, I'd be bumped up to the next matchmaking tier, immediately making me bottom of the barrel again. My roommates and I all had to fly together at all times. Sure it's realistic having wingmen, but it sucked needing 3 planes just to stand a chance against one. We got tired of it, and switched to tanks, but we rolled American, and it turns out that if you didn't go German or Russian, you were wasting your time. Fucking hilarity when I took a frustrated potshot at an enemy plane destroying all of our tanks, and managed to hit them, though.