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Jesus Christ, how is EVERY STORY regarding Fallout 76 hot garbage rotting in the sun? The game is cursed; no wonder every time I hang out at the local GameStop there's people coming to trade it in.

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It makes me wonder if SJWs are behind this. /tinfoil hat time; the amount of weirdness and incompetence around F76 is staggering. Bethesda has a track record of making amazing games and now this garbage? Doesn't make sense, especially when you add in the weirdness of the credit card doxxing. I wonder if the SJWs are getting back at Bethesda for making fun of SJWs. But that's just a conspiracy theory.

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They've been steadily declining and dumbing down the games over the years. Every new release is simpler and more buggy than the last. They're in free fall now.

Just take the elder scrolls series, each game removed a ton of shit and didn't add anything back in besides better graphics.

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The always online mmo concept is not compatible with user modifications that made Bethesda.

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Bethesda has a reputation of making very buggy games with good stories. Remove the story and you are left with bugs, which might get fixed or not if the mmo game isn't succesful enough.

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Nah Bethesda is just the lazy dev out there

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Their fucking engine is almost 20 years old now.

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Is EVERY SINGLE post to Reddit censored? For fuck sake

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well we can't just have the goyim speaking their mind freely, can we? that would be annudah shoah.

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IMO, I believe this is how Bethesda punishes those asking for refunds.

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Makes me glad I didn't get fo76. Bethesda makes great frameworks for games. But, they rely heavily on modders to make the game enjoyable. Unofficial Patches are usually the number one mod on nexus. Then there's stuff like Parthurrnax Delima that make quest choices better. I saw fo76 was online only, and knew it would be a shit show. Beth simply can't release a bug free game. Without modders to fix their broken shit the game is garbage. Combine that with the fact that online games quickly fill with assholes, and the whole thing had about as much hope for success as Lokir of Rorrikstead.

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I'm already modding this one as much as I can but they need to just hurry and annouce private servers and mod support before the game dies out.

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I don't see that happening. For that to happen and for the mod scene to take it and run with it they would have to release the server side framework so people would be able to host their own servers. This POS company doesn't seem like they would ever allow that code to leave their grubby little hands.

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I'd bet their problems stem from "diversity" hires.

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Every time I try to open an archive link it says "secure connection failed".

Anyone have a direct link or know how to fix this?

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So..... this account has almost no posts or comments on Reddit and a shit ton of karma out of the blue.

Is Bethesda doxxing their customers with infiltrated SJWs? Because this looks VERY FISHY to me.

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Just another reason to play fallout new California.

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