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And then the feminist started a crowdfunding campaign vilifying the gamer to pay for her rent, which was her objective all along.

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Link? Story? Who?

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I recommend checking out the Harassment section for a good laugh.

Her parents are (((Armenians))) but she identifies as (((Canadian-American)))


Edit: ((())) around Canadian-American

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They should make games for women where there’s a guy who’s happy and they get to slowly pick him apart till he kills them and the kids in a homicide suicide

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They call that Coal-Burning

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Once you burn coal...

...your credit score never recovers.

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I think women feel they HAVE to change the guy. Idk what it is. There are very few women who will not constantly try to tell you not to hang out with your friends m shit like that. They try to sober you up. They want you to give up all your hobbies. There’s a few that arnt so bad but holy fuck man what is wrong with them. I never tried to ruin a girls good time but the number of times Iv lied about what I was doin just so she wouldn’t ask me to come home or do some fucking errand run is crazy

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One time I met this girl she said you don’t say much I like that. Skip to a few months later she’s on my ass “why don’t you talk more?” ok honey buns.

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Video games developers that understands the business will survive this.

Think of it like any business failing to understand the market.

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But when it's the entire market?

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The perception is "the entire market" but it is just the large producers that saturate the market with advertising that give that appearance. There are plenty of indie games out there that do not suck and do not pander to silly SJWs.

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The problem is that the devs don't run the show for the larger well-established game companies. The out of touch suits are doing this. Creatives usually aren't business oriented folk.

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out of touch suit

You spelled "suits on globalist payroll" wrong. They are not out of touch, they are just after that sweet fat retirement funds.

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So, CD Projekt Red, awesome, I'd honestly prefer if GOG dominated the PC gaming market instead of Steam.

As usual, the Poles have got it figured out more then the rest of us.

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they cucked

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this is all bullshit. look at who owns and develops? these people are making good looking shit on purpose. they enjoy destroying your hobbies and interest. they enjoy destroying the entire marketplace while making more money than ever thanks to their new tactics of micropayments. the developers are not dumb they are evil.

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Wall Street has entered gaming.

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Unfortunately, most big game reviewers - the ones Metacritic listens to - are solidly in that category. Since many developers get bonuses strictly linked to that score, they have a very perverse incentive to alienate their fans in order to appease the wrong people.

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Why do people still read those "professional" review bullshit when it is so obvious that they get paid to say good things about shitty AAA games?

Just use Steam review section... now that's opinion from gamers to gamers. In fact even valve own game "Artifact" bombed there.

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Just use Steam review section... now that's opinion from gamers to gamers.

Oh definitely. Unfortunately bonus clauses aren't written that way(which is what matters for game direction).

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FUCK YOU DICE, EA AND NAUGHTY DOG and a little FUCK YOU to R* for making their cowboy protag(Arthur) and other lead character(Dutch) eurofag liberals.

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Id like to think the shitty artwork is another commentary on the industry right now.

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it definitely is

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Pretty much. The industry will basically reset itself on its current course once they realize they are making games for no one

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For no one? The majority is fine with SJW and propaganda shit.

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