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There's already a thief class.

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best comment so far Lol

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there's already a goblin race

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i wish i could give 2 upvotes

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Well, jew was a class in South Park: The Stick of Truth, so he can go play that.

I think the cleric class has been a thing for many years because Christians have been pretty tolerant of their representation in games and other media, even if they're being mocked sometimes. Imagine the uproar from the muzzies if the imam class was done in a game. I'm sure many oys would be vey'd too if rabbi classes were created.

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I think the cleric class has been a thing for many years because Christians have been pretty tolerant of their representation in games and other media, even if they're being mocked sometimes.

Also, usually clerics and priests aren't christian in fantasy games.

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Exactly, Cleric/priest are used a lot in fantasy games where Christianity is not present, they're just terms for "generic spellcaster that gets power from a deity".

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still the only game where you can play as an Orthodox priest is arma 2

Such is life.

holy crap my phone keyboard sucks ass

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"Many 'oy's' would be 'veyed'" Im fucking dead! That shit is hilarious.

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It's a real shame, too, because while Diddle Kiddie ends up in heavy rotation with its 2.5 second cooldown, your main attacks are mostly just Beat Wife and Rape Goat. Over. And over. And over.

They do get the neat Taqiyya skill at higher levels, so it's not a complete loss.

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IIRC the Jew class in SP : TSOT was analogous to the Thief class in more traditional RPGs i.e., from Cartman's perspective.

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Naw, there was a separate thief class.

The jew was part monk (punching stuff with jew-jitsu) with a splash of dervish (debuff based melee DPS, if you're familiar with guild wars).

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Oy gevalt, I can't tell you how often I've lamented not being able to play as a bearded paedophile who gets to mutilate an infant's genitals, then lap up the blood!

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Muslims and Kikes can do whatever they want with games they make.

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Pretty sure kikes already bankroll huge swaths of the gaming industry. I doubt there's a triple A game released by an American studio in the past 5 years that hasn't heavily felt their influence. That's why you get shit like black women killing Nazis on the front lines in ww2

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Does the rabbi class cry out in pain while attacking?

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The attack and get-hit sound effects are reversed. Or would it only have get-hit ones?

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Only get hit. And always a crit.

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Fun fact time.

The "cleric" (and by extension, "priest") class in most RPGs can almost assuredly trace its roots back to the cleric class introduced in D&D, way back in the day.

The irony here is that the cleric was introduced because there was a player at the time with a vampire PC by the name of "Sir Fang," and so the cleric class was introduced as a vampire hunter. Seriously.

"Ahem. I was there. In CHAINMAIL there were wizards that functioned as artillery. Then there was Dave Arneson's first miniatures/roleplaying campaign. Some players were 'good guys' and some players were 'bad guys' and Dave was the referee. One of the 'bad guys' wanted to play a Vampire. He was extremely smart and capable, and as he got more and more experience he got tougher and tougher. This was the early 70s, so the model for 'vampire' was Christopher Lee in Hammer films. No deep folklore shit. Well, after a time, nobody could touch Sir Fang. Yes, that was his name."

"To fix the threatened end of the game they came up with a character that was, at first, a 'vampire hunter'. Peter Cushing in the same films. As the rough specs were drawn up, comments about the need for healing and for curing disease came up. Ta da, the "priest" was born. Changed later to 'cleric'. The bit about edged weapons was from Gary's reading the old stories about Archbishop Turpin, who wielded a mace because he didn't want to shed blood ("who lives by the sword dies by the sword")."

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The rabbi doesn’t use mana for spells. Instead his spells are powers by foreskin and the blood of goyim.

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I was looking for this comment. Didn't need to scroll much. Top kek.

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I blame the gullible christcuck goyim. How many of you cunts had your foreskin cut by your gullible christcuck parent?

Pacified as fuck. Did you see how they try to rationalize their so called "Christianity" and not admit that their bible is not created by jews to pacify them? It's like they don't read old testament and figure out that all the new testament did is to brainwash them to be a pathological altruist, ripe to be genocided and exploited by jews and muzzies.

Europeans who think that christianity is superior alternative than paganism are part of the problem. Had European is still pagan, cultural marxist subversion and western progressive libtardation would be impossible.

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Catholicism came about as a response to kikes. Read a book dummy. Kevin MacDonald is a good start. And furthermore, don’t punch right faggot.

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Good got, become and (((atheist))) or (((pagan))) and sacrifice children and try communism again!

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We should maybe go back to a white Christian dominated world. It worked way better and subversives could actually be executed

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Exactly what stuck with me, though I fear to imagine a future world no longer dominated by Christianity.

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Easy, it's either a Muslim theocracy or a communist global government. Both are very unappealing.

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