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R.I.P ubisoft

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They've been pushing SJW shit for years now. They died a long time ago.

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By anti-white do they mean anti-money?

Pretty. Fucking. Smart.

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Let's piss off 3/4 of our customers!

When are they going to learn that lazy socialists don't have money, they expect everything to be redistributed to them.

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We already know what will happen. They will quadruple down. They will eventually blame the people that boycotted them. They will then cash in on the victim points. They will continue to survive because normies keep buying their shit. Is it really that hard to pirate these days?

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How long before welfare can be directly used to buy video games?

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Press S to shit on grave

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Diversity is just another way of saying fuck white men. Ubisoft can eat a bag of dicks, shit it out and then Qtards can eat the shit.

How about hire based on fucking talent instead of for sexist or racist reasons?!

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How about hire based on fucking talent instead of for sexist or racist reasons?!

Because the workforce would be white as Wonder bread and the only women would be secretaries, minus a handful of exceptionally talented ones.

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Ubisoft, EA, Bioware, and Naughty Dog are the biggest SJW shit pusher in video games. Avoid their products at all cost, otherwise you are just giving money to people who hate you.

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Don't forget Bethesda!


"Fuck Nazis!"

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Honestly? I can deal with that from Bethesda. Fallout, Doom and TES have had very little SJW shit. Besides, the newest Doom actually takes a poke at the SJW crowd.

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Or Activision Blizzard who are shilling (((diversity)))

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Got another link for the image? The one in thread is dead.

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EA is just after what they think will make money. The others are all spot on though. Ubisoft pulled some weird shit in AC origins.

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No, you’re mentally ill if you think that. Holy fucking shit, learn what propaganda is.

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Japanese still, by and large, are not indoctrinated with SJWism. Have been playing Yakuza, and it is refreshing how up front they are about the various 'seedy' aspects of Japanese culture, college girls selling their panties, and dudes going to video parlors (in the days before internet porn).

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Yep, if you'll notice all these SJW cuck companies are based in either Europe or Canada or some fag city in California.

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I knew that boycotting Ubisoft was a good idea.

"Buy farcry 5 bro, it's soo coool" - NO

"Mass Effect Andromeda is coming out, aren't you excited bro?" - HELL NO

"This new game coming out looks cool" - Who's it made by? "Ubisoft bro" - FUCK NO

a normal conversation with me and some of my gaming acquaintances.

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Same, I haven't bought a modern ubisoft product since Uplay came on the scene and now just avoid because I know they are ideology pleaders praying on white guilt to make money.

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only thing of note for fun gameplay from them has been the assassin's creed series and and i haven't wanted to touch that since 2 with the always online crap. generally when looking at games seeing ubisoft drops it down a few notches for me so the game is going to have to look good enough to overcome that penalty compared to its piers that don't have the same mark against them. I think stick of truth on sale was the last one that did that. and I'm not even looking at their special little playground of uplay so price or even free there does nothing for me.

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Let's assume that the "copper top" idea from the Matrix made sense (ie, humans made more energy than they took in). From the look of these retards, they couldn't collectively flicker a lightbulb. The Matrix would be doomed in the SJW era. How did these hacks get hired at a fucking PROGRAMMING COMPANY?

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Colleges started offering courses on making video games.

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And lets not forget the game making software that makes it easy for people to "make their own game". I'm not saying everyone should reinvent the wheel, but when you have people just re-skinning the same engine ad infinitum, it quickly loses it's novelty.

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Because people are no longer hired on merit. All tech is overrun by sjw retards.Alot like the jew problem it feeds itself as soon as one gets into a position of power. Jews hire jews ,sjws hire sjws

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More money than sense.

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I thought the original matrix book was they were used as processors not generators, but it was dumbed down for screen due to the fact that even now people don't know the difference between a processor and a full computer.

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Ubisoft is a French company. I worked for Ubisoft for several years. There was no hint of diversity training or anti-white propaganda. I had close contact with several europe based offices and they were pretty much ~95% white. So this is probably something coming from the studios based in California or Montreal and not Ubisoft wide policy.

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At what time did you work there? Just curious, as the SJWs have only been let out of the insane asylum in recent years.

[–] TheFool 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Till late 2016.

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Yup. The video confirms that it was leaks from Toronto that specifically referenced Toronto.

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Thank you for the insight!

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Just based on the accents I'd say this is coming from one of their Canada studios.

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Yeah it was mentioned at least twice in the video that it was Toronto.

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The Quartering is really going after these SJW wackos in gaming.

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Can only take them ruining our hobbies for so long.

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Killing off every large company should be the goal anyway. Small and medium business provide all the taxes that the country runs on.

Don't give your business to any large corporations if you don't absolutely have to.

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Doesn't this open them up to legal action?

[–] Adam_Jensen_ 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago 

Wouldn't get anywhere with the current Jewdicial system.

[–] kevdude 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

I wish we had some sort of solution to that problem.

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Given most of their studios are in Canada, this kind of shit is probably mandated by law.

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It's not. Any white male that is turned-down from a job from ubisoft toronto now has legal recourse in the form of a discrimination claim filed with the Human Rights Tribunal and/or Ontario Queen's Bench.

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Technically it does but even if you could find a lawyer willing to commit career suicide over it, you'd be collecting Social Security by the time it even made it to court and you'd need a king's ransom to even fund the suit.

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