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Skyrim VR gameplay ends up being a little different from typical Skyrim. It's a lot more satisfying to just explore, sneak around, crawl through dungeons, etc vs a normal playthrough where you're following map markers and being led by the nose through every quest. Just a thought. I often end up replaying big battles 4 or 5 times over just because it's fun, or spending 20 minutes actually traveling somewhere, and I don't remember ever doing that in flatrim.

I will say that Skyrim VR (on my Vive) has become my go-to, it's nearly all I play anymore, just checks so many boxes for me. Modded to hell and back of course, and it goes without saying that I want something more modern and custom made for VR. But I feel like all my alternatives right now are basically just arcade games with a single gameplay gimmick, a 3 minute experience you repeat indefinitely.