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I brought Battlefield 1 today for £5.25 and also got the deluxe battle pass free as well. My friend pre ordered it and paid near £90 only around a year ago. Way to RIP OFF those early adopters, game industry..

I’m never Pre Ordering Anything Again!

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Why are you giving EA any money at all??

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I’m a member of Bing Rewards. Microsoft Rewards finished. But I got a fiver from Bing Rewards and used that. So The Whole Battlefeild 1, and Deluxe Battlepass which all comes in at 73.26GB’s, cost me 25 pence. 25p!

Twenty five pence for a 70 gig game, Xbox one enhanced game, with single player content. Not bad if you ask me.

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The question is did your friend get 84.75 worth of fun over the course of the extra year he had it? Was there anything else on the market that would have competed with it for playtime from him? Now I agree on the pre-order side but if you are buying it when it comes out and know what you are getting (because it is out and you can see reviews/footage of the real game) it comes down to each person and what it is worth to them. for some of us we have a backlog of games we want so run behind the curve and spend less on them, for others they only play one or two at a time or have a narrower area of interest while sinking more time per game into them. If each of you sinks 300 hours into it he paid 0.30 per hour you paid 0.0175 per hour at that price per hour of entertainment does the cost difference matter?