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I uses to love this game SO much. I have over 1000 hours of playtime in it. I was there from day 1 of release. Most of the time it has been cool, lots of banter with other gamers, then SHWs amd niggers became mire prevalent after the game got popular.

I remember this one game, there was this nigger on my team. The match started and we were attacking, and this dumbass fucking watermelon wrangler kills one of our teammates when were just getting to the building for no reason.

I turn around and say "what are you killing your teammates faggot?" and he fucking killed me while saying in his nigger voice "yeeeeah thats what happens. Thats what happens." fuckin niggers.

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its so bad now you have no idea. every game i get paired with commies. i call them out. the other day i knew i was going to get retaliated on and sure enough after spawn the guy catches up to me. throws a c4 on the building i jump in the window and he blows himself up and then quits. he maybe have suicided irl that day. they change ops to look more jewish now. they fuck with the levels. they carve down all the ops until their talents and items are not worth using. and the new superpowered black british clash bitch whos always yelling and looking angry has really soured the community

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Thats fucking gay. I was looking forward to playing it again