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"DLC" is banned but "free DLC" isn't...

My fucking sides. Imagine being such arrogant pricks you really believe gamers will put up with your narrative controlling horseshit. They didn't buy Titanfall 2 because your gross name was on it, they shunned Battlefront 2 due to your pure arrogance and they'll do it again to Vaginafield 5. EA is on a downwards spiral that only a regime change or bankruptcy can fix.

[–] StagOfMull 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

They didn't buy Titanfall 2 because it was placed up against call of duty and battlefield 1.

They somehow thought that Titanfall would eat into call of duty sales. Would have done better if they delayed it two or three months

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Very good game by the way. Significantly better than both.