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This is a classic case of liberals infiltrating something successful and then running it into the ground. They have gun models with the triggers in the wrong place, yet they can make all these different character models and all this character customization. It really shows you the type of people making BFV and how their priorities have shifted.

This cycles plays out so many times, and it's not just limited to video games.

  1. Have a successful franchise with a specific audience
  2. SJWs show up and tell the money men that they are limiting their audience and would increase sales and profits if they targeted a wider audience. This is where the whole "50% of "gamers" are female and only 10% of females play this game!" comes from. It's SJWs telling the money men they can increase their player base by adding female gamers to the male gamers.
  3. Changes are made to the game that are meant to appeal to the out group, but they are changes the original core fans don't like or want
  4. The original core fans abandon the franchise
  5. The female "gamers" never show up, because the 50% of gamers are female stat includes mobile games, which includes people like moms playing bejeweled clones on their phones.
  6. The franchise dies, because the amount of hardcore female gamers are tiny compared to hardcore male, and the franchise didn't appeal to the old base.


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Did you forget a few echoes when discussing SJWs meeting money men?


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Possibly, but I think the main driving factor is money. Look at Bethesda. They went full SJW with the last Wolfenstein game, and it sold like shit. And the next E3, they come out clearly against that stuff, Todd Howard even calling some loud people in the audience degenerate.

I don't doubt there are people who use their media to push political agendas. But, if this was worthy of echoes, all the Battlefield games would have been pozzed before this. BF1 and BFV are clearly a shift in the wrong direction by an outside force, or perhaps even the money men have been (((compromised))).


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The TL;DR is (((greed))).


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Genius. My mom plays the phone casino lol. You nailed it.