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Can't believe they kill off their own game just to appease the social justice crowd. I wonder if it was worth it.

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They can discuss that with nike. And reddit. And google. And facebook etc. etc. etc.

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Don't forget twitter!

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This is literally the kind of behavior you see from religious believers. We're going to abandon or destroy something valuable, because we believe [blah blah blah].

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And now those people are converting to SJWism, where this behavior is actively promoted and encouraged. SJWism is its own religion, and has been for a while now.

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I can. Loads of companies have started doing it. I think part of it is the people working there are surrounded by this liberal bubble (they;re based in LA, and paid 120k+ starting salary), so they imagine everyone is as liberal as them. Then they have "diversity efforts" and start hiring people who care more about sending a message than about the company making money.

While some shareholders might care about them losing money, I wouldn't be surprised if even the board of directors has some people who blame the players for not liking them game because there are "too many white men in gaming" or something. Making money is no longer their goal; sending a message is.

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true, but the shareholders can eventually sue. They'll learn the hard way.

Currently corporate law doesn't support the claim that the executive at a corporation can prioritize social justice above profits.

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Yep, I was a diversity champion at Wells Fargo because I helped everyone and did an outstanding job. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo was creating fake accounts to use as collateral in a money making scheme. They were fined less than 1% of what they probably made. I do not works at Wells Fargo now, and I am ashamed at the decisions they made to play to PR instead of doing what is right.

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They will lose huge amounts of money. But their (((superiors))) will reimburse them for killing yet another male-centered outlet.

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sinking your own franchise and losing a high level employee, to boost the players of your last game

its an odd ploy, cotton, lets see how it plays out

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They really just want an excuse to kill the franchise

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EA has never needed an excuse to kill a franchise.

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This is a classic case of liberals infiltrating something successful and then running it into the ground. They have gun models with the triggers in the wrong place, yet they can make all these different character models and all this character customization. It really shows you the type of people making BFV and how their priorities have shifted.

This cycles plays out so many times, and it's not just limited to video games.

  1. Have a successful franchise with a specific audience
  2. SJWs show up and tell the money men that they are limiting their audience and would increase sales and profits if they targeted a wider audience. This is where the whole "50% of "gamers" are female and only 10% of females play this game!" comes from. It's SJWs telling the money men they can increase their player base by adding female gamers to the male gamers.
  3. Changes are made to the game that are meant to appeal to the out group, but they are changes the original core fans don't like or want
  4. The original core fans abandon the franchise
  5. The female "gamers" never show up, because the 50% of gamers are female stat includes mobile games, which includes people like moms playing bejeweled clones on their phones.
  6. The franchise dies, because the amount of hardcore female gamers are tiny compared to hardcore male, and the franchise didn't appeal to the old base.

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Did you forget a few echoes when discussing SJWs meeting money men?

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Genius. My mom plays the phone casino lol. You nailed it.

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Nah, they're just retarded. Battlefield is pretty much the only EA non-sports series keeping them afloat. Of course, EA sports titles will always sell like crazy because hispaniggers need their FIFA and niggers need their NFL.

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Look man let's put all the nigger remarks away. I have many friends who are black, most of them are not bad or fucked up people. I voted for Trump and I am firmly against Racism. Please for the love of God be better to other people. We can't be divided, the lunacy must be met by all parties.

I am asking you, I am begging you.. Black people want Racism to end as much as white people do, trust me.

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As horrible as their marketing was at least they sacked the bloke who helped bugger it up. I dunno they actually have done alright at the game play in this one, much better than hardline and bf1 anyway. I'm stuck on csgo at the moment and looking for soemthing else. Escape from tarcov, R6 siege, insurgency: sandstorm haven't done it for me

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Most of the guys were talking about World War 3. It looks like the Battlefield 5 we were all asking for. I'm keeping an eye on it but we'll see.

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Half forgot about that one. Told myself no more early access. Gunna have to suck it up and check it out. Has a real bf3/4 vibe to it

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Try blackout beta tomorrow morning. It's just a preorder that can be cancelled anyways, making it free. Black ops 4 multiplayer was really fun for a cod game. You might try your hand at PUBG, you definitely get adrenaline playing the final circles in that game.

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I have that and last time I tried to play it there was no one on. I'll have to try it out again later this week. I loved that game.

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I always use the battlelog site. I always get better results with that than with the Origin app.

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There has always been a large enough number of people playing but the server browser is kind of broken.

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You may be interested in the books SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down, published in 2015 and 2017, by Vox Day.

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I may pick them up someday but I've been dealing with their bullshit for years already so I doubt I'll learn anything new.

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Yes, I read both of them quickly, and I didn't find much that I was unaware of. I guess it is good to have it all in one place, for people new to the culture wars.

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It is interesting to think about the pre-SJW days. They were there, they just hadn't completely lost their minds yet. Save the Whales, Greenpeace, LiveAid, then it just went full blown Commie Feminist.

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For real. So many online accusations leveled against me, all untrue. I could make a list, but I'm sure it's a dragnet operation to bring out the actual targets. The shitty part is the trail of wreckage left behind in doing so. Fuck Racism, Go Trump!

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I miss Bad Company 2.

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Was my first and favorite BF game, what a fucking cherry popper

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