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You must have gotten that from some bigoted textbook.

Today historical revisionist have declared that for every single british white male soldier, there is 1 tattooed female obeast, 1 brown dude, 1 black dude, 2 asian sidekicks (a paki and an oriental), 1 non-binary person, 1 female like half-android with bionic arms, and 2 faggots (one who cuts his dick and one who keeps it to fuck other men) who fights alongside him and who are actually the "good guys." The british white male soldier is secretly evil and plotting with the evil nazis. And of course, all the german soldiers are all straight white goyim who are 100% pure evil.


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Can I play as the Germans then


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Sounds like alot of work to pander to 1%


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You mean, alot of money?

Globalist investors print money fyi.

Literally money plus virtue signaling cred. The two only things leftists care about.