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The comments are the best part of the video, here's some favorites:

  • Okay... so, women hold 22% of jobs in the games industry and women are more likely than men to leave technology fields than men, and you think that's not indicative of a broader discrimination problem in the industry? And you think a workshop for women and non-binary gendered people at a large public convention, in an attempt to rectify the aforementioned situation, is a form of illegal discrimination against men? Does that view strike ANYONE else here as a bit narrow?

  • You should at least try to read some books and learn before talking about socialism, communism, meritocracy and capitalism. Your ignorance is baffling....

  • Though I agree with pretty much everything in this video, the idea that this is the "socialists" fault is absolutely wrong. The actual "socialists", are the "working" class, not the Neo-Liberals.

  • For all the talk you’ve made in the past about not wanting to politicize things or to keep an objective view, you sure seem to be sliding down the rabbit hole of pandering to the conservative talking point playbook all of a sudden.

  • Uh, programs to assist under-served and under-represented groups aren't forms of discrimination.

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Thanks for giving some bullet points, they're great. That second comment was pinned, which is pretty funny.

also whoever wrote the 4th comment must be so far left that anything to the right of it is conservative.

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Careful, acknowledging men's civil rights might lead to some cuck on here calling you an incel

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nigga this is VOAT

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Lots of male feminists here for some fucking reason

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=I3PVZa6thsM :

Riot Games Potentially Violate Mens Civil Rights at PAX West 2018 - YouTube

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Communism kills

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Alright, so can gamers sue Riot Games?

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Mens civil rights? Silly incel, civil rights don't apply to men!

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His argument falls apart near the end.

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The great thing about game developers is how easy it is to show them your discontempt : Stop playing the game, remove it from your machine, never mention it again and make efforts to divert any conversation about it toward another game.

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Pity most just keep talking about it but say they pirated it giving it attention.

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