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And that's why they abandoned toxic masculine franchises like F-Zero and Star Fox. Reminder that the last F-Zero game was made by SEGA, and it's by far the best in the series.

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Don't forget They accidentally made Melee a highly technical platform fighter that rewarded skill and abolished that practice privelege in later titles.

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Oh yeah, don't you just love it when gamedevs punish you for gaining a leg up?

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Wanna know what else makes you gay? Sucking on a hard cock

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I'll go tell my wife she's gay.

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Shoulda named it the Nintendo Swish, amirite.

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I didn't want to be rude or anything, but I kinda already noticed that.

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If your user name changes to fucking_a_dude, then we'll know you began using Nintendo products.

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I used a Nintendo device recently. Can I sniff your butt? Just for a second? I mean, really, nothing personal or anything ... please?