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Missed 1, but really liked 2, and the Pre-Sequel. Except for that weird butch-lesbian theme. Closest I've come to anything the gamergaters are talking about.

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I'd strongly recommend you get the GOTY edition for Borderlands 1 and play it, especially since it's a bit older now you can find it for cheap.

And yes, Gearbox does have a mild case of SJW-itis but they manage it well. One of the main devs got in trouble during development of Borderlands 2 because he was describing Gaige and her autonomous deathbot as a way for inexperienced players to keep up in co-op with a more seasoned FPS gamer. He called it "girlfriend mode" and people lost their shit for a moment, but it was totally fucking true. I basically played a combat medic all through Borderlands 2 for this exact reason.

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Ah, Steam don't have BL1 for Mac. Pricy elsewhere, but I'll keep an eye out for it on sale. Cheers