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really depends what type of game your into, some games for example are classed by genre Racing for example, war, survival horror, rpg fantasy etc...classic platform...some genres may also cross might class genres like this:

Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Or Sonic, Prince of Persia....Mirror's Edge maybe

Horror ? Survival Resident Biohazard Evil Series? Fallout , Silent Hill, Half-Life, Friday the 13th, Layers of Fear, Alien Isolation

Mario Kart, Onrush, Horizon Chase Turbo, Assetto Corsa, Gran Tourismo, F1, Wipeout

Fantasy or MMO or RPG Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Nioh, Fortnite, DC Universe Online, Dragon Age, Zelda etc

Fighting Tekken, Steet Fighter, Mortal Kombat, DOA, Marvel vs Capcom

scifi Cyberpunk? Deus Ex, Shadowrun, Dex, Ruiner, The End, Star Wars, Observer