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Casting my vote for dwarf fortress, eve online, borderlands 2, ff7, and ff10

In terms of longevity, cultural impact and pure profit, World of Warcraft has to be considered too


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Borderlands 1 had a better design in my opinion. They were much more realistic and cohesive. In 2 it feels like they just took every idea on the brainstorming table and tried to make them all work at once.

Guns in the first game were a bit more toned down, but they were all at least usable. The gun manufacturers had recognizable attributes but there was some overlap. In the sequel, guns had so many wacky powers that it was difficult to find just a regular old bullet-shooting gun! They way overplayed pistols and they made ammo scarcity a limiting factor for no damn reason. They also made each manufacturer's unique ability turn certain kinds of guns into total garbage. A Torgue sniper rifle? Trash. Right next to a Jakobs assault rifle and a Hyperion sniper rifle. They were totally unusable garbage filling up your backpack due to nothing but the manufacturer style.

Tone in the first game was a bit bizarre but it felt like a stylized take on Mad Max. It was kind of a cyberpunk western that worked on themes of isolation and loneliness, plus the depravity that humans can sink to when left in those places.

The second game, in comparison, was like one big non-stop arena shooter with random pop culture references painfully injected in at random. They noticed that fans liked the moments of tongue-in-cheek humor from the first game, so they made EVERY MOMENT of the second game out of that humor. It reminded me of Ready Player One almost.

Limiting Factors in the second game were there for no damn reason. Your guns were constantly running out of bullets and your backpack was constantly full of guns - both of those stocks were larger in the first game, and we didn't have that stupid fires four bullets per bullet business you find in Borderlands 2. Why was this done? Why didn't they notice the playtesters constantly running into these problems and address them?

Slag damage is fucking dumb. It's got no reason to exist. Electricity bypasses shields, fire bypasses health, corrosive bypasses armor and explosives are self-explanatory. What is slag but a damage amplifyer that becomes semi mandatory for harder bosses?

If they wanted to encourage teamwork they could have just said that enemies taking two or more damage types at once will take extra damage - but instead now we have this weird fifth damage type that doesn't actually do anything all on its own, and just takes up a valuable gun slot for no reason. Even the use of slag in mutating enemies felt like it got pulled out of their asses.

I'm still just pissed that they got rid of S&S Munitions. I'm playing through a Company Loyalty version of the first game where the only guns I'll use need to be S&S.


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Missed 1, but really liked 2, and the Pre-Sequel. Except for that weird butch-lesbian theme. Closest I've come to anything the gamergaters are talking about.


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I think more than a few people would be reluctant to call World of Warcraft one of the best games, probably for those very reasons you mentioned, but experiencing that game for the first time felt very unique to me that I would have to agree with you. I attribute it to having felt lost in the game; In the past the game was emptier in regards to content and far less hand-holdy, which left me wandering around a lot in a world that felt immersive and full of threats.


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Perfectly said, that early feeling of being small in a large unexplored and threatening world was really the draw early on. Especially with a couple of IRL friends.