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If they stood up to them why are they introducing a diversity class to their employees?


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As far as I understood the article, this was the timeline:

  • Two outspoken SJWs on Riot's team exist and are obnoxious, but I repeat myself
  • They constantly call out their employer for -ism bullshit
  • They go to a PAX session to get extra social justice points
  • Engage with a bunch of internet trolls, get upset, say a bunch of stupid unprofessional shit that ties to Riot
  • Riot sees them insulting their fanbase on social media and drops the toxic fuckers before they can do further damage


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So explain to me how Riot firing the "sexist" members is a way to stand up to diversity police?


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On Twitter, Lehman defended Klein. He wrote, “Being an ally means listening to, learning from, and standing up with marginalized people.

In theory only. What it actually means is what X Group says goes and all "allies" either carry it out or suffer the same social ostracism that the "manbabies" do. An "ally's" input, no matter how rational, sane or logical will never and I mean Never be taken into consideration. Lehman and Klein are the types that would say "Oh well if you don't like this, go start your own game," at best or hound and harass them out and then proceed to wage a social media war against their competition in an attempt to deplatform them or ruin them at worst. Fuck both of them. Don't let the door hit you in the asses on the way out.

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Nah,I'm sure that's a complete coincidence.


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https://archive.fo/9PG1L :

Two Riot Employees Leave Under Complicated Circumstances After PAX Session Excluding Men [UPDATE]

'Last month, Kotaku published an investigation into the culture of Riot Games, the publisher of blockbuster competitive game League of Legends. '

'In the wake of public allegations that Riot Games has fostered a sexist workplace culture, two longtime employees exited the company yesterday under hazy circumstances. '

'We are committed to making real, positive change in Riot’s culture and internal advocates are a crucial part of making that happen.”Current and former Riot employees have drawn another conclusion. '

'Reached for comment, Lehman and Klein independently provided the same statement to Kotaku: “I am parting ways with the company. '

'Many commenters called for Riot to take action against Klein, who received a barrage of harassment over the weekend. '

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