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Brutal Doom.

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Stalker Call of Pripyat is a great shooter, has good gunplay, get to deal with different types of enemies like simple bandits, to factions fighting, and even mutant monsters. There are also some mods for the game to make things more interesting.

I can offer other suggestions if you want them.

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I always have a stalker game or mod installed. Probably will give Dead Air or Anomaly a spin, but recently I've played some vanilla CoC (with some manually installed addons).

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I just fire up good old duke3d.exe on the ancient Pentium Pro machine..

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Fallout 3 was pretty good. Some crazy stories too. There is a minor slave story line but the head of the slavers is a nigger and you can kill them all. In fact you can kill anyone you want in the whole game.

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I've played all notable Beth and Obsidian games.

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Ok, well that's it for me then. Not FPS but have you played fallout and fallout 2? Very fun games.

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Spec Ops: The Line

You can probably find it cheap, story is fucking awesome especially after the first couple hours and is not cucked at all.

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Nice game, just started playing. For those interested – it's Mass Effect style combat in deserted Dubai.

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Pc game ?....

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Max Payne 1 & 2? Pretty much just shooting and guns and ammo and health pickups. no cash or crap like that.

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Replayed not so long ago. They didn't age well.

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I like em. How about postal 2? or Halo or half life or....boiling point...xenus 2 (white gold)...deus ex (human rev or the original)...wolfensteing new order, or the old one....fallow new vegas? Sin? James Bond Nightfire? halflife2 NOLFS?

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