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Can anyone think of a non-conspiratorial reason for this?

I'm trying to think of a naughty word that might be a subset of "white man", like how "NIxxxxxxGGER" or "cunning stunt" might be censored because the filter detects that it's an attempt to circumvent, even though it may be a false positive.

"Hitman"? Doesn't seem very offensive in a shoot-em-up...

If that's your screenshot, can you check if things like "white woman" or "white bunny" are censored?

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ban reason: being white

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If they used AI to train the word filter these results wouldn't be surprising. It analyzes the sentiment of a word or phrase and censors anything below a certain threshold of negativity. One poster said that "60 fps" is censored.

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the chat filter is trained AI

inputs "nigger" several thousand times just to see what happens