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Can anyone think of a non-conspiratorial reason for this?

I'm trying to think of a naughty word that might be a subset of "white man", like how "NIxxxxxxGGER" or "cunning stunt" might be censored because the filter detects that it's an attempt to circumvent, even though it may be a false positive.

"Hitman"? Doesn't seem very offensive in a shoot-em-up...

If that's your screenshot, can you check if things like "white woman" or "white bunny" are censored?

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ban reason: being white

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If they used AI to train the word filter these results wouldn't be surprising. It analyzes the sentiment of a word or phrase and censors anything below a certain threshold of negativity. One poster said that "60 fps" is censored.

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Is this default server side settings or is it added by the server admins?

Usually, the banned words list is parameterized by server admins, not shipped by default

If it's shipped like that by default it's huge, otherwise it's libtard admin

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At present all servers are Dice/EA since it is beta.

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The word white itself might be the word that is banned, the break in the phrase where you put the "," and say "black man" doesn't censor because the phrasing notices the acceptable word "black", so the word "man" is not censored.

The question is to ask why the word "white" is censored.

Literally, if the name of the game is to force white people to stop "identifying" themselves as "white" as a "race", then what exactly is stopping us from identifying as "Aryan", or "Nordic"? There's also Polish, Slavic, Scandinavian, etc. so it's not like the word "white" being a banned word on certain platforms is a direct censorship of white people who identify as a white person, although it can indirectly look that way (which is a truth of reality).

The push-back from this isn't big enough (in my opinion), gamers all-together by a majority consensus don't really give a damn about politics even if they happen to be white, they just want to be distracted from reality to be entertained and for everyone else to shut the fuck up about it and play the game (that'd essentially be a thing I agree with, because that's a genuine argument, when I'm playing a multi-player game I wouldn't want to have to listen to some nagging dumbass sitting there bitching about political things -- the same can eb said about the squeaky-voiced little bastards that haven't hit puberty yet and still managed to dupe their parents into buying them a M-rated game).

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I identify as an Aryan male.

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"WhiteNigga" is allowed on EA, it wouldn't surprise me that it's allowed in BFV beta too.


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Fuck EA, fuck Dice. Don't give them a single cent, ever. They are done. Go play Red Orchestra, Day of Infamy, or Post Scriptum instead to get your fix of WW2 multiplayer shooters.

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It's a World War II simulation game but they censor the word Nazi ???

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What kind of WW2 similuation has purple haired trannies with cybernetic arms?

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The (((totally pozzed))) kind.

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Don't you know? Nazis didn't exist, and as such holocaust is a lie. I applaud EA/DICE's decision to finally take a stand against jewish lies.

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Oy vey, ban the goy for noticing.

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I said I wouldnt buy battlefield 1 but I was a flake and bought it. Gonna have to tell my buddies to fuck off if they try getting me to buy battlefield 5

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I said I wouldn't buy it and I didn't. I didn't test the BETA or the free 24 hours Origin trail. When I boycott, I boycott.

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Any MP game where I can’t localhost games = into the trash. And this is a nigger co making a nigger lovin game so that’s just 1 more reason to drop this turd.

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THEY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO TYPE...."Why no white man?"

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