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You are absolutely right. It's a slap in the face to the Polish and to the author, and to anyone who has loved both the books and the games. Why does it appear to be totally okay to take a white character and replace them, but the world might stop if we replaced a character who was written black with a white person?

It's an insult to the original creator.

If you want successful stories with your black characters, fucking WRITE THEM. Stop hijacking other people's hard work for your agenda. Do something original and worth people's time and you can have your minority characters.


[–] StagOfMull 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago 

A big part of the character is that she is white with white hair, calls to attention the fact that her and geralt's destinies are intertwined and the father/daughter relationship between the two.


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Andrzej Sapkowski (the author) must have had to sign off on letting netflix use his property right? He's the one who needs to be grilled on why he'd sell-out his own work.


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He might have sold the property rights who knows


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Fucking this.

I mean, seriously, are there really no African ledgends or stories they could use as source material? For fuck's sake, even the most primitive tribes have fantastical stories and tales passed down over the centuries. Use them.


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I always point out the fact that there have been great black characters written before. Blade, for God's sake. As a kid I thought that character was great, and it never occurred to me to think, "yeahhh, but he's black." Didn't care. Good story.

Or Will Smith in Men in Black, as another example.

I'm tired of being put in the spot to argue why I'm not racist for being upset about this, because the tendency I am seeing is not to write non-white characters. It's to take either actual history or fictional characters written by others, and co-opt them. Please just write a good black character and don't make it about their being black.


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No I want to see the same thing but in reverse.

This fall...





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I would also love to see this just for the record setting chimp-out that would ensue. It would be biblical.