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I'm near different companies that work in the games industry. You would be astonished at how few gamers there are working in the games industry, so many of them just do their job and do other stuff instead.

Of those that do play games, few play across a wide spectrum, many people hover around one to three games which they play for years, over and over.

Of those other people that play games, theres few I know that play a wide spectrum of genres, are constantly seeking out new experiences in them / enjoying them, etc. I can count on one hand of these that make up women. But they do exist, and like the guys, are the ones that are the best at their job.

The personalities of these women are nothing like these boob streamers, though feminism, leftism is always a thing to some mild degree. Despite that it really is otherwordly meeting with them, they are really quite normal, interesting and passionate about games in general, and they treat you like a human-being and not "a guy".

You mention reciprocity, and in that area specifically is something where there seems to be a difference. Even these women I know will play for those kinds of effects in these game worlds, but I've never heard them feel about characters the same ways guys do.

I guess the parallel is when kids (used to) play with dolls / figures, girls tend to create situations and play out the characters in an overview kind of way (this toy plays this role, this plays this other role), they are going through the motions and watching the situation play out as an observer. Whereas boys participate, they ARE the toy going through a struggle where they need to win.

This is the difference I'm seeing.

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Idk about you but I don't want to see my wife playing video games.

Her time is better spent for taking care of kids, cooking, cleaning, and other domestic chores.

It's just natural that way. A man sits on the couch watch sports, his wife makes sandwich, not the other way around.

Male utopia is possible. In Japan, many married women works 9-5 and still do 100% household chores.

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No. Women have always played video games,just not in the numbers men do. And women gamers were never the problem. Politics are. Whether right wing conservatives declaring video games the devil or feminists declaring video games sexist,there's always been those who seek to use gaming as their personal propaganda machine. And it sucks when these fucktards come up. It always has and it always will. The enemy of freedom will always be those who seek to control you.

Most women don't even agree with feminism these days. They just claim to speak for women and people just believe them. Which is where they get their political power. I often think the only real way to counter feminism is not to create a men's rights movement but to create an alternative women's rights movement. One that's not just marxism in drag. One that advocates for real equality and not just favoring women. Something the average woman can agree to and thus take the power feminism holds as the only voice for women.

But Voltronsdicks is quite correct that the worst anti-gamers have always been women. I never got shit on for liking video games as hard by men as I did women. i don't know why. They didn't seem to want my attention,just someone to shit on,I guess. But that doesn't mean every woman is anti-gamer nor that every ho with a controller is a gamer.

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Most women don't even agree with feminism these days

Yeah, but most ugly obeast American unmarriageable women do agree with feminism.

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No. Even among fat/ugly chicks,they don't agree with feminism either. It just takes being really,really stupid.

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I've been playing video games since I was 4. People do get a bit surprised when I mention it, but I've never thought so deeply about it. I enjoy gaming as much as any guy does.

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Customers shouldn't ask for things they want? NANI?

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I think they girls should stay away from video games just like good old times.

When I was a kid, pokemon has only male main character as an option. Last week, I look at my niece's 3ds and apparently you can play as a female character. Then I see a fuck ton of "colored" npcs. I don't like what I see!

Fuck social justice, I prefer the good old times!

It should be obvious by now that eventually pokemon would have non-binary gender confused ones, pansexual, or every other sexual deviant "gender is a spectrum" bullshit. The world is definitely ending soon.

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You aren't necessarily wrong but that rationalization is a bit flaky. So some franchises and genres got poisoned by changes when the market began to additionally cater to female players. That is a problem and they should have created original franchises and whatnot to do that instead. Studios don't like taking risks so it's easier to tweak what is already known and accepted. It sucks. It is wrong. But it happened and we can't change that now. Just move on to other games. AAA is effectively dead but there are plenty of untainted games to be found in the indi-sphere.