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EA needs to die

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Chicks stink. Go find your OWN shit feminists. QUIT intruding where you are NOT welcomed. You and niggers...SHEESH.

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I think if you were to play this game and play as a whamen then everyone else should just see your character as a man. Problem solved.

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BREAKING NEWS, WHITE MAN! EA makes it illegal to say one colour, and the word of a gender together. White & man followed by each other is only allowed after purchase of that new hate-speech dlc! -stay tuned for more shit games!


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EA is literally the only video game company I wish would just go bankrupt. They make other bad devs like Activision and Ubisoft look like Mother Teresa

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too little, too late.

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What do you mean?

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The tone of the video is completely different.

Different speaker if not mistaken

Showcases the aspects of the game instead of trailers, the only woman shown is in the beginning.

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Played some last night. Definitely lots of women characters in the game. And it is jarring when you throw them some ammo and an almost cheerful woman's voice comes back thanking you. And then, playing on Rotterdam which is in the Netherlands, at the end screen for best squad it was a white dude, 2 black guys, and an Asian woman. I am not against allowing customization, but when you are forcing people into certain models you should retain accuracy.

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A woman is briefly mentioned near the end also, when they mention two different SINGLE PLAYER missions. They show a female and say "her"

but you are right, the most shocking thing is removal of all the SJW crap, but i think it still shows chinks atacking nazis, and I did not bother to count how many negro troops.

but yes.... far less tampons in this and they rushed it because they used a swedish announcer who has a few accidental hard swedish accents, so they must have really rushed the naration to do control of the fiasco