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this is some good news. I really liked KoA, great combat and story, Felt very empty thpigh since thwy tried to make it an MMO. Hope they do something awesome with it.

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Ah THQ you took so many of my years, and I gladly gave them to you. Pity you never got credit for eve online, oops

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Nice, it's one of the few rpgs with a decent action combat system. A shame that the developer went bankrupt before finishing the game properly.  

Does THQ remaster or make a new game? Someone a clue?

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Ha! I still have the dice that came with the collector's edition. It was a solid little game. Downside, it didn't bring anything fresh to the table in terms of story or play. It's not to say the story or play were bad, but they didn't really have anything to differentiate themselves from any other game of that ilk.

Interesting that anyone wanted to pick up the pieces. I guess THQ Nordic saw some concept art assets available for pennies and figured they could use them to short cut past a bunch of storyboarding phases.

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Interesting choice.

KoA had a lot of potential, with decent to good combat, vibrant and colorful world and what was probably a decent story as well it could have been a great game. Shame they tried to make it a offline MMO with little to no fun in the looting mechanics.

Hopefully if they will try for a sequel they won't stretch what could be a fun 20-30 hours game into a 100 hour slog.