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Western game development is the worst offender of these shitty practices. Indie Devs and Japanese game companies still produce quality games.

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Indie Devs can be hit or miss.

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This is a good thing.

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I'm an independent developer. Also a big fan of pinochet.

Currently developing a 2d open world game inspired by Fallout.

Theres this one questline where you meet a group of irradiated feminists at an old blown out commune. They call themselves 'radfems' lol. They're a bunch of irradiated ghouls, and unlike fallout, they're the only 'intelligent' ones, "though I don't know if intelligent is the right word" a local guide npc quips. If you talk to them they complain about beauty standards, and how 'having hair and smooth skin is sexist propoganda from a patriarchy long dead. It's 2023 people!"

You can choose to airlift them out to a 'better place' and then dump them from the helicopter.

After I was awakened to all the shit going on, I played through fallout 3 and realized all the propagandist bullshit in it. Had no problem killing the 'border hoppers' at tenpenny towers when the devs obviously intended us to feel some sort of sympathy against the 'vile racist bigots.' And here were these virtual people just trying to survive, trying to be left alone, not wanting to be surrounded by literal monsters who, at a moments notice could turn into bloodthirsty mindless killers.

10/10 would reverse pick-pocket again.

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As with any craft.

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What isn't hit or miss though? Major game studios have been for the most part, all miss. Just read reviews before you buy

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Western does not equal America:

Czechs made Arma 3 and Kingdom Come, both excellent.

Italians made Asseto Corsa.

Brits made Elite: Dangerous

Russkies made War Thunder, which looks shitty at first look, but if you change it to advanced mode it is decent simulator

Even Turks could make an excellent Mount and Blade Warband albeit the sequel, Bannerlord, is still not finished but if it is coming it will be excellent

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Bannerlord, is still not finished

Any day now...

Then there's Eagle Dynamics and King Art Games to add to your list for DCS and the Book of unwritten tales series respectively.

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This is what communism does. It goes LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) and give opportunities to incompetent idiots while ostracizing those that can get shit done.

This is a small scale example of what the commies want to do to America.

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I fail to see how dropping to the lowest common denominator is not an issue in free-market capitalism.

So, let's say that you are setting up a new game company; you face a choice: on the one hand, you can invest hundred of millions and a decade of work into creating The Perfect Game, which few people will end buying because either it'll be too expensive (to recoup the cost) or because it won't be appreciated for its quality, or any combination of the two; or you can shell out the same trite thing over and over again, with minimal creative and financial investment, as long as the masses buy it.

And while you personally may think, both as a potential developer and as a gamer, that you would rather spend more to play a better game, the truth is that most gamers don't actually care, and most companies are there for the money. And guess which of the two approaches maximizes your profit?

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The movie doctor zyavago (sorry about spelling) red pilled me early on about communist... once communist are in power anybody who had money was an evil captalist, shit you could have been got rich by curing polio and they would have thrown you below common beggars..

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AAA definitely, but the indie market is still churning out gems.

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you mean the games that are exactly like the games made 30 years ago? lots of these indie games have awesome sounding story's but then they go the 8bit side scroller route its been done so many fucking times its boring now.

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Don't Starve is a fantastic indie game which is unlike anything I know of from 30 years ago.

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games that are exactly like the games made 30 years ago

Who pays any attention to those?

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You dont like metro series?

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Basically videogame industry is like Hollywood.

Bingo. Game development got ridiculous expensive, just like making a big blockbuster movie is now retardedly expensive.

When you have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in development, you can't afford to take risks.

When game development costs were cheaper, companies were willing to experiment a lot more.

Big budget triple A video game titles are becoming like summer Hollywood movies, big, loud, predictable, and dumb.

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This is why I play indie games exclusively nowadays. The passion is obvious in the work.

There was a time, back before The Matrix Trilogy/Shiny Entertainment ruined everything, that you could trust game sequels to be awesome. Nowadays, they're just like movies in every way; a "2" appended to a game makes me less inclined to play it, as it's merely (as Mel Brooks once said) "The Search For More Money".

Go play an indie metroidvania like Axiom Verge, or something from Devolver Digital (at the biggest). You'll have all that fun you used to have.

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Devolver is my new R. I look forward to pretty much everything they do.

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All the klei games are great, don't starve I play all the time.

Daelic (sp?) did the Deponia series and it's fantastic.

Indie scene has a ton of great stuff

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The best games I've ever played are One Man shows like Dwarf Fortress rimworld or are open source group efforts like cataclysm dark days ahead. They are low on Graphics heavy on depth and mechanics

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Those are called games. The others are slightly more interactive movies.

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Nah, that's like saying music is dead because you only listen to the radio. Yeah everything from ActiblizzardEAsoft sucks shit but fuck em, I'ma go play me some Slap City.

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There are still plenty of great games. What's wrong with Rocket League (for example)?

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It is cucked to the nines with multiple chat filters that will ban you for first offense similar to r6

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Why even chat? Just spam what a save! and you're set.

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Well that's gay.

But the game play is top notch.

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Bullshit, my friend constantly types nigger and other slurs to chat and he is still not banned, the words aren't even filtered. In both casual and competetive.

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Video game industry is an industry? It's been like this for so fucking long. When did you notice?

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