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The actual secret clocks in a 3:00. If you are really quiet, you can hear how the completionists are creaming themselves.

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I didn't know there were unfound secrets

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I'm a bit sceptical of this claim tbh. If there were a level in a game that famous and that old that hadn't been completed, wouldn't one of the developers have talked? Or someone inspected the WAD to find out where the secret is?

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The secret was known for age but was deemed impossible to access without using noclipping. Some problem with the "physic engine" that made you use a teleporter or something when you stepped where the secret's activation was.

The guy realized that a mob could push you into the secret zone without triggering the rest. So less an unfound secret and more of a "bugged secret finally accessed without hacking stuff".

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It's not a speedrunner, pretty clear he's not speedrunning it.

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I think he is a speedrunner, though in that video he was 100% ing it

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Speedrunners spend hours exploring games trying to find everything they can to make their runs faster. What's really cool is that most of them share what they find with the community.

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It's one of the non-toxic communities left online

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I can't believe people are still discovering new things about games that have been out for decades! Awesome!

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Literally older than I am. TBH I'm a little bit skeptical that nobody would've found this before

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That's what I was thinking the same thing, that people HAD to have known about it; people know Doom 2's code inside and out. Problem was, although they knew of the area, they couldn't figure out how to get to it without cheats. It's explained in detail in the video description.

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of course it would be in industrial zone

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=irNoHfnLXRM :

Pain Elemental reveals the last official secret of Doom 2 - YouTube

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Except for ONE thing.